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9PA is now an official distributor of products from the FUCHS WHEEL COMPANY Ltd.  They are superior quality Fuchs replicas but the price is about 75% less than a genuine Fuchs wheel.  They are made in Canada and they are actually stronger than the original Fuchs.  I will be listing them in the store.  Just type Fuchs in the search. Thank you, Kevin

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These are ultra high quality Badges and Emblems with a thick coat of gloss resin to keep them looking great for years.  I just started listing them. We have real Carbon fiber badges, regular badges and wheel center caps.  Some  are also listed as Featured Items if you scroll down.  Thanks! Kevin

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More than just performance Porsche parts

We sell all 9products Porsche performance parts made in Finland. We are a distributor, not part of 9products of Finland.  We also sell OEM and aftermarket performance car parts for numerous brands of vehicles.  Our strong point is the Porsche 944, 944 Turbo and the 944S2, but we carry the highest quality parts for many variants of the 911, Boxster and Cayman.  V-MAXX Suspension and Brake Kits are also sold for numerous brands and models.  V-MAXX is a great company that manufactures all of their products in The Netherlands and receive full German TUV certification for their Suspension and Brake Kits.  We will have the full line of V-MAXX products here at this site.  V-MAXX is a more cost friendly brand, but they maintain the highest quality standards in all of their products. Thanks to Tim Richards,  we also sell many Speed Force Racing products which are hand made in California.   V-MAXX products ship much faster than 9products brand parts.  If you order a V-Maxx part it will be shipped from Europe in a matter of days.  I am starting to include more car brands other than German car performance parts in the online auto parts store / shop

We build our parts with the expectation that the customer is going to use them for professional racing. Our parts are great for the track or the street.

All 9products parts are made in their own machine shop in Finland. When you place an order you can expect to wait 10 to 15 business days before you get your order.  Speed Force Racing products are made to order. Tim the owner of SFR is one of the best welders / fabricators in the World.   So they are made just for you  and you can also expect to wait 10 to 15 business days for your order.  I play it safe because with international shipping, delays and Customs issues pop up from time to time so I make sure you are aware that you don't get it shipped straight to you in a few days.  Finland borders Russia, so these parts are literally shipped from 7 time zones away. Some parts are not in stock and are made to order. Thank you! Kevin 

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I bend over backwards for my customers and make many long term relationships with them.  Don't hesitate to ask me anything. My email is kevin9pA1@yahoo.com and my cell phone is 732-814-6623.  Thanks! Kevin

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Click the MORE arrow on the upper right side of this page for different brands that I sell. I just recently got dealer accounts with Super Pro Bushings, Weltmeister, GruppeM and Wizard  Cooling Aluminum radiators and fans. I will be selling coilover and Big Brake Kits for dozens of models of cars. We are an authorized distributor of Millers Performance Racing oils.You have to consider Millers Oils as a performance part.  A lot of their testing was done on a 911. It gained 5% more power, got better mileage and ran cooler because friction is reduced so much.  They have a lubricant for any possible type of driving. The nanotechnology in Millers Oils' Nanodrive line has been shown to provide significantly better protection to engines, transmissions, and differentials. It does so by reducing friction, which has the side benefits of improving horsepower, reducing operating temperatures, and improving fuel economy. Additionally, a subjective measure of "shift feel" has improved by virtually every customer of ours who has tried the gear oil in their transmission. Scroll to the bottom of the page to read about all the benefits of Millers Oils and Lubricants.  It is without a doubt the best performance oil in the world. I will constantly be adding new products as we grow so check in every few days.  Thank you! Kevin

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Welcome to the home of 9P America.  We sell every part made by 9products of Finland, Speed Force Racing products, Rennbay products and V-Maxx. Suspension and Big Brake Kits. We are also an official Millers Performance Racing Oils distributor. There is no better performance oil like Millers Performance Racing Oil for your performance car, boat, SUV, ATV, waverunner and just about anything with an engine that you want to take care of. Millers has passed Porsche, Audi, BMW, VW, Mercedes as well as domestic car rigorous standards for use in their automobiles. All shipping quotes are for US shipping.  I ship worldwide.  Just send me a message and we will find the best shipping arrangement for you. For most of the parts a Flat Rate US Post Office International box is the best choice. The prices are reasonable, you get a tracking number and insurance.  My email is kevin9pA1@yahoo.com and my cell phone is 732-814-6623.  You will be communicating with me the owner. For US Shipping I mostly use Priority Mail and I get full insurance on the parts that I ship.  Thank you! Kevin

Millers Performance Oils

About Nanotech Millers Oils

 Nanotechnology overview:
Wear occurs at the microscopic level. Protection occurs at the molecular level.  The nanotechnology in Millers Oils' Nanodrive line has been shown to provide significantly better protection to engines, transmissions, and differentials. It does so by reducing friction, which has the side benefits of improving horsepower, reducing operating temperatures, and improving fuel economy. Additionally, a subjective measure of "shift feel" has improved by virtually every customer of ours who has tried the gear oil in their transmission.  Nanotechnology is rooted in a 60 atom sphere called a "Buckey Ball" that looks like a soccer ball at the atomic level. With conventional lubricant, tiny microscopic asperities on the metal's surface slide against each other and break apart. These asperities can be protected by nanoparticles, which act like billions of ball bearings to fill the gaps and make a more uniform surface on the atomic level. The nanoparticles in the Millers Oils are inorganic fullerenes that have multiple layers of nested spheres, and are less than 1/10th of a micron in size (0.000004"). These particles are to a soccer ball as the soccer ball is to the Earth in terms of scale. The nested spheres resemble onion layers, which can exfoliate under extreme pressure and form a protective tribofilm on the metal surfaces. Due to the tremendous surface area, the nanospheres will migrate to and "stick" to the walls of lubricated components. Millers Oils gear oil with nanotechnology was awarded the Most Innovative New Product at the 2009 World Motorsports Symposium, beating out a data acquisition system from McLaren and the KERS system from Williams. Millers' engine oil was the runner-up for the same award in 2012

 Engine Oil
Renowned European engine builder Zytek has tested this new oil in Formula Renault 3.5L Spec V8 engines it supplies for the series, and realized a consistent 5 horsepower improvement over the leading low friction fully synthetic brand. Several other external entities have tested the new Nanodrive oils, with similar to higher improvements, as can be read about here in the Dyno Results section of our website:In addition to the incorporation of nanotechnology, Millers' line engine oils uses tri-ester, PAO, and Group III base stocks with a robust additive package. 

The benefits of Millers' engine oils include:

  • Reduced engine friction for greater output
  • Optimized ZDDP (zinc) content to allow superior protection without added drag from buildup on sliding surfaces which is possible when ZDDP is present in too high a concentration
  • Group III base stocks to improve lubricity
  • PAO base stocks to extend operating temperature range
  • Optimized tri-ester base stocks that won't impede ZDDP's ability to protect sliding surfaces
  • Robustness to breakdown that allows multiple events on one fill of oil

 Gear oil
The current line of gear oils has been in use in many series across Europe such as the British Touring Car Championship, WRC, ASCAR, as well as historic race series. Formula 1 has taken notice, with multiple teams in various stages of testing. After outstanding results with BHA in IndyCar in 2013, some NASCAR teams have begun testing. KAPS and Samsonas now both exclusively specify Millers Oils gear oil with Nano Technology in their dogbox transmissions. Comments and endorsements from these from some of these users can be found in our Testimonials Page. The incorporation of nanotechnology in gear oils provides many benefits, including:

  • Overall improvement in driveline efficiency
  • More power to the wheels
  • Lower operating temperatures
  • Drastic improvement in component life
  • Lowest coefficient of friction in the industry
  •  Nontechnology enables Millers Nanodrive engine oils to outperform the competition in two key areas. The first is coefficient of friction. The most damaging friction occurs in boundary conditions, where metal to metal contact exists. The rings at top and bottom dead center are the prominent areas in the engine where this occurs. As previously referenced, nanospheres will stick to the surfaces, better protecting them and reducing friction 
  •  Additionally, nanotechnology in conjunction with an optimized blend of Groups III, IV, and V base stock and additives helps maintain film thickness across the full temperature range. As the film thickness is reduced, more asperities will come in contact with each other, leading to bearing wear, and eventual overhauls. Millers Oils can prolong engine life and reduce overall operating costs through fewer rebuilds.  

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