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NUKE Performance

Just go into the SHOP and type NUKE Performance in the search

About NUKE Performance

We believe in performance and motorsport

To us, passion is defined by true believe in performance. Nuke Performance is the by-product of a lot of sweat and tears that has shaped our knowledge and experience. Our commitment to develop the best of performance products comes from our history, our real world experiences and our passion.

Made in Sweden

We proudly announce that this product is designed, manufactured and assembled by our own team of mechanics in Sweden. That´s how we´ve been doing it all along since we started back in 2004, and that´s how we plan to keep on doing it. We don´t take any shortcuts, this is to ensure that we deliver the best possible quality, function and finish every day, year after year for all of our customers worldwide. We take big pride in our work and our engagement. We control every bit of the process from start to finish and that’s why…

Developed with Professional Racers

Since 2004, Nuke Performance has designed and manufactured premium, long-lasting, durable, high-performance fuel accessories and other high end products for the serious racer. Nuke products continue to be developed in close association with professional racers worldwide. This way our products connect directly to what motorsport demand and it unique requirements of both function, design and quality.

Growing Worldwide

Nuke Performance has matured into a larger company with an international sales and distribution network spanning Asia, Europe, Australia and America to support its rapidly growing and ever-loyal worldwide customer base. The reason is simple: Whether it is engine or fuel demand, there is NO substitute for the performance, quality and reliability of Nuke Performance.

In Development

Currently, Nuke Performance manufactures an expanding collection of motorsport parts and accessories for a variety of vehicles. In addition to developing application-specific products, we also develop products for universal applications. We are expanding our range continuously, with a focus on meeting our customers’ expectations and desires. We are passionate about what we do, and we hope it shows in our products. 

NUKE Performance

Just go into the SHOP and type NUKE in the search and the products will come up.