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GuppeM RAMair performance carbon fiber air intakes. The type of product not found at Rock auto parts.

GruppeM RAMair Intakes

 Airflow is the key ingredient to the combustion cycle of a high performance engine. Therefore, the intake system cannot be ignored and must stand up to the task of supplying the engine with not only clean air (free of any residue or particulate matter), but also maintain ample cooling to provide the highest density possible, in addition to properly utilizing the ram effect at high speeds, to effectively increase the volume of the intake charge. These are key ingredients to bring out the full potential of your engine.At GruppeM, our engineers take all of this into account when designing our special RAMair Systems. We start with only the finest carbon fiber or carbon kevlar materials, hand crafted to ensure proper fit and finish.Our technology partnership with K&N, means only the finest four-layer cotton filters are used, custom designed and manufactured to GruppeM’s strict standards. Together, K&N’s long history of air filter design combined with our track proven technology means we can offer you the finest ram air induction systems available. You won't find these at advance auto parts or rock auto parts.

Carbon Fiber Itakes

I just started distributing all of GruppeM products to include carbon fiber air intakes and exhausy systems. The highest quality products on the market

Gruppem for numerous car models

I will be listing Gruppem for numerous car makes and models to include Porsche, Audi, Ford, VW, BMW, Acura, Volvo and many others

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