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These are advanced auto parts


Super Pro Suspension Products

I am constantly adding Subaru Super Pro Suspension parts and other auto parts.  These are highly advanced auto parts.   Super Pro makes over 9000 parts. Just go to the Shop and scroll down on the left side until you see Subaru Super Pro Products.  Quality is maintained at SuperPro by developing and proving both the material and the product design in the some very diverse environments in the world. SuperPro bushings have been subject to harsh conditions ranging from track racing, rally competition use, to off-road and beach recreational four wheel driving.


Super Pro Quality and Performance

SuperPro has also pioneered innovative tooling designs that enables the delivery of a consistently high-quality product. Cutting edge technology allows the use of polymer-based moulds that offers flexibility in design, long life and enormous savings in overhead tooling costs.


Why Super Pro?

At a glance, some of the benefits from SuperPro products will include:

Maintained steering geometry

Enhanced handling & ride characteristics

A safer vehicle with more grip

Superior replacement and repair performance – get back that “new car feel”

Improved tyre wear, fuel efficiency and reduced running costs